The Truth About People - [lofi hip hop/chill beat]


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  1. Posted by AngelDePaper, — Reply

    Pesquisem "Daddy issues Slowed reverb" o que tiver com essa imagem como capa, pode ter certeza que é o melhor daddy issues Slowed

  2. Posted by itsme_vishu, — Reply

    @shrutinair7992 Hey the pic is interesting right @shreyathakor it reminds me of some newly born hostel romance 😆😂😁

  3. Posted by sirine_jerbi, — Reply

  4. Posted by CrazyGirl0705, — Reply

    Whisper of the heart

  5. Posted by 6969hilal, — Reply

    anybody who listens to daddy issues-slowed knows this pic

  6. Posted by aliya242, — Reply

    usually the cover of a slowed + reverb song

  7. Posted by v1ntagesunset, — Reply

    i love this movie 🤧❤️

  8. Posted by rryujiin, — Reply

    i really love this movie😭

  9. Posted by josefadiparodi, — Reply


  10. Posted by azunglaazung, — Reply

    I think the girls name is Shesuko

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